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[Lecture] Kaji Taka'aki "Perception of Beauty"

On 23.07.2014 International Antique Institute held first lecture of famous and important person in the world of Antique, lector, dealer and owner of "Kaji's Antique" Mr. Kaji Taka'aki. Mr. Kaji Taka'aki kindly specially brought from Kyoto more than twenty different art objects to vividly show how does the real "Perception of Beauty" (美術鑑覚) should be. All the participants had an opportunity to understand on the personal experience, the real feeling of antique, touching 500 and 700 year old art, what could be never done in the museum or art class. The wonderful experience was proved by the magnificently interesting lecturing, opening a totally new and unforgettable view on the art perception.

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