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On 20.07.2016 the International Antique Institute hosted the fourth lecture, inviting the very important and well known person in the world of antique, lector, dealer and owner of "Kaji's Antique" Mr. Kaji Taka'aki. Mr. Kaji brought antique items to vividly show specialities of Japanese culture. All participants were be able to experience the real feel of antique, touch real 200 to 300 year old peaces of art, which could be never experienced in a museum or art class at school. This event was followed by a magnificently interesting lecture that will open one's mind to a totally new and unforgettable view of art. The lecture held at the beautiful and traditional Japanese building of University of Tsukuba (筑波大学開学記念館). Prior to the lecture, a Japanese Tea Ceremony was performed using the antique items. 

The schedule was as followed: 
17.00 Tea Ceremony Opening
18.00 Lecture Begins
19.30 Lecture Ends
19.40 Group Picture

At the end of the event we are going to take a memorial photo and distribute it to all participants.

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