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[Auction] Cooperation with Van Ham Kunstauktionen (Germany, Köln)

With the help of Olga Patricki, representative of one of the biggest auction houses in Germany - Van Ham Kunstauktionen, members of International Antique Institute could manage to learn more about antique and culture. Since October 2016 to March 2017, International Antique Institute was cooperating with 7 various auction houses around Germany. Each of the houses has its own specialities, varying in exhibition styles, sales management and customer services. Since December 2016 International Antique Institute became more close to Van Ham Kunstauktionen and its various young representatives and student volunteers, who kindly guided us through all the specialities of auction purchases, supported IAI volunteers through recommendations based on their own experiences, kindly helped with the transportation and showed high level of customer services. As the result, International Antique Institute recommends Van Ham Kunstauktionen to all interested in purchase of antique and totally sure that we will use Van Ham Kunstauktionen again!

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